About Me

Me and my partner Andrew at the beach in Isle of Palms, SC 

Me and my partner Andrew at the beach in Isle of Palms, SC 

I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts with parents who were teachers (among other things). They encouraged me to bring variety into my experience and try out a range of activities.  I loved archery, skiing (water and snow), roller coasters, trampolines, swimming, dancing, the principles of physics (just don't make me do the math) music, books, singing, plays.  Discovered that I'm not a fan of playing soccer, the balance beam in gymnastics (ouch), calculus, crowd scenes (I'm vertically challenged, which means a whole lot of elbows in the face for me), and macroeconomics (I would guess the wrong result of a particular set of conditions every time, though I was so sure my reasoning made sense).

I earned a BFA in Musical Theatre from the Boston Conservatory of Music and moved to New York City.  I spent 15 years focused on being an actor.  I toured Europe and the U.S. in various shows, performed in regional theatre, and did various and sundry side jobs during this time.  Oh, I have stories!  I also have a deep understanding of the numerous challenges and tremendous rewards of artistic endeavor as a job.  I love helping others to navigate these treacherous but soul-satisfying waters.

It was during this time that I met my partner Andrew while doing a very unglamorous children's theatre tour of Peter Pan.  No, I was not Peter or Wendy, but Michael, the littlest boy.  I wore blue one-piece pajamas and my wig looked like some sort of dead animal.  That had to have been the least attractive I've ever looked onstage, and Andrew loved me anyway!  He says I committed to the part and the story even though I had very little to do, and he totally respected that.  We've been together now for 16+ years.  Side note:  You really have to have a sense for the ridiculous to survive in live theatre.  One of the things I love about it is its basic reality.  There may sometimes be glamor involved, but that is not the fundamental dynamic when so much can go wrong and you have to just roll with it!

I also spent over twelve years, some overlapping with the above, in the corporate world.  As a result, I understand the pressures and the requirements of work in this arena.  I speak the language and am acquainted with the challenges of building all of the skill sets necessary for climbing the ladder.  I enjoy working with others to solve problems and create balanced success, no matter what the industry.

It took me a while to realize that the skills I most enjoy using in life have to do with joining with others and combining creative and strategic thinking to solve problems.  Coaching and teaching others have been natural to me since I was a teenager, and I've built my skills in these categories over time.  I've learned a great deal from unwinding a couple of my own very complex health challenges over the course of years, and from my ongoing use of some wonderful tools with myself and others.  I inherited a strong commitment to supporting natural health from my parents; that has only been amplified by these life experiences.  All of this activated my desire to bring these coaching and teaching skills to the fore so that I can help others improve their lives in similar ways—not only around health and the alleviation of physical discomfort, but also in releasing mental, emotional, and even spiritual habits that are no longer helpful.  I'm now a Certified Life Coach, Certified Tapping Practitioner, and a Certified NLP Practitioner.

Friends and clients say that what makes me unique includes my non-judgmental acceptance of others, intelligence, creativity, perceptive listening skills, the ability to adjust and reroute on the fly, enthusiasm, a sense of humor and fun, enjoyment of new people and experiences, and a dogged persistence whereby I do not give up on you, ever.  (Neither should you.)

Thanks for your interest in my work.  Let's get together and create new things!