Q:  What's this Tapping thing?
A:  Check out this page for more information on that.

Q:  How long is a session?
A:  Typically, one hour, but if you've purchased multiple sessions, we can use that time in whatever increments you'd like.

Q:  Will there be homework?
A:  That depends!  We will work this out together based on what you want and need.  If there's homework, we'll agree on what it will be and why, and you will be excited about doing it.  If things don't go according to plan, we'll make a new plan at the next session.

Q:  Are you going to be mean to me if I don't accomplish a certain amount of stuff by the next session?
A:  NO.  I hate this kind of coaching myself, and I don't expect you to like it either unless you're someone who is naturally very competitive and achievement-minded. (If you are, good for you.  We can certainly use that to your advantage, but I think you're in the minority.)  I believe that we humans are generally most empowered by inspiration and appropriately supportive tools, not by force, shaming, or displays of disapproval.   Those things can work, but they will tend to stress out, burn out, and demoralize most people.  You will tell me what your experience is like, and we will continue to refine our plan for you and the work we do in each session to support it.  And I will do my best to make this fun for you!

Q:  How does this compare to cognitive/psychological talk therapy?

  • It is important to note that I am not a licensed psychological professional.  I am a coach, so I can help guide you through getting from here to there, and I have a lot of experience in doing just that.  However, if you have psychological diagnoses that require specific care, you need to work with a therapist who is trained in working with your particular challenge.
  • I don't function as an authority figure in the same way that a therapist generally would.  I join with you as an equal who has skills you may not have access to in order to open up possibilities, but you remain in control of our process.
  • In cognitive or talk therapy, all or most of the work done is generally verbal.  While Tapping, we are talking, but we are also calming the body's stress response and opening up the lines of energy flow in the body, and that may allow rapid change to happen in many cases.  We don't need to spend a lot of time mentally re-examining and analyzing the events of the past and figuring out the "why's" of everything.  Our work is solution oriented, and is all about helping you to move forward freely  and as enjoyably as possible into the life you want.  

Q:  How quickly can I expect results?
A:  You will usually feel the process working while we're doing it, and most people feel an improvement in their outlook after just one session.  Some more complicated challenges will take longer to work through, but the Tapping process makes the work more comfortable throughout; it also tends to enable leaps of understanding that may take longer to arrive at through a purely linear thinking process.

Q:  Is this just a temporary fix, or can I expect permanent results?
A:  I think the most accurate answer would be both.  It's an excellent way to calm the difficult feelings that arise as a result of daily life, and there will always be more of those.  If we're working on something specific that looms large in your life, the results are often permanent once the work is done, but there are always more layers of the self to discover.  Sometimes you'll come upon more layers of something you've previously addressed as you move forward and see things from a new angle.  With one's personal evolution, there's no such thing as "done," only constantly improvement as a result of new challenges and learning.

Q:  How do I know whether Tapping will work for me?
A:  If you're alive and have a functioning nervous system, it will work to some extent.  (And if you're reading this, you do!)  Whether you feel that this process is the right one for you will be your call, but it's rather like exercise.  If you do it, over time it does produce results.  You may need to keep refining in order to achieve the exact results you want, but there are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual effects that happen as a result of Tapping as long as you're following the steps of the protocol and not inhibited by a serious physical on psychological ailment; if you are, Tapping may be used to support you in many cases, but it is never a substitute for appropriate medical care.