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Thank you so much Wendy!!  The Tapping has helped me stop being stuck in certain areas of my life.  She taught me what to do to take care of myself when I am feeling overwhelmed.  Wendy is so positive, open and calm!!  I really came away with a much more positive outlook on my life!  Thank you for your support and for helping build my confidence back up!! —McCall C.

Wendy was wonderful!  Without getting too personal, I went in for help on some physical as well as emotional discomforts.  I have never used tapping before but felt completely comfortable from the get go.  Wendy creates a kind and nurturing atmosphere that made me feel safe in opening up.  She gently guided me through what could be some difficult territory and helped me find the right words and sentiments to express myself when I couldn't.  She was so compassionate and had a way of intuiting where to go next without pushing or making me feel judged.  It was really freeing!  She even taught me some tools to use by myself at home.  I cannot recommend her highly enough! — Amy L., Singer

There aren’t enough words to express my appreciation and awe for the work Wendy Frado does.  It’s like having your best friend and spiritual advisor rolled into one fun, moving and deeply profound guide.  I learned so much, and truly worked through some issues that have been pressing on me for years.  If you are ready to let go of what’s holding you back once and for all, Wendy Frado is your woman.  I give her my highest recommendation and personal endorsement. —Bridget Brady, Singer, Actor, Entrepreneur

As many of you know since I am sure you have read my reviews I tend to stick with food.  But I recently had a "What the Hell" moment and tried something new, tapping with this life coach.  I did it originally because of arm pain that I was having and my doctors could not find a reason for and I did not want to be medicated during the work day since the painkillers and muscle relaxers dulled me to the point of uselessness.  Another plus is I was able to do it in the safety of my own home on facetime so if I made a complete fool of myself I could easily say "Well thank you so much!" and "CLICK."

What the Wendy did with the tapping was create a safe, open place to allow me to get to an understanding of a betrayal that I thought, felt was no big deal and realize it was actually affecting my very deeply.  I have been to therapy before so I get the whole hippy, dippy mind games that are played in therapy.  

The gentle questions and physically component was very different, I never felt like things were being pulled out of me or I was saying anything I did not want to say.  It was very emotional, trying and enjoyable.   It was like having an emotion Sherpa guiding me through my own, (very scary), head. — Tony H.

Thank you very much for presenting a fabulous EFT workshop at our library!  The information you provided was user-friendly and applicable.  I feel the participants learned techniques that can be used to overcome many obstacles.  

We thank you greatly for sharing your knowledge with our community and hope to partner with you again in the future.— S. H.

Two things. First, I’m gratified that working on myself and what concerns me through EFT and with Wendy’s help doesn’t feel wasteful or indulgent. I don't have to cry to make progress. What Wendy and I work on is practical and deeply important to me. It goes to the foundation of how I make decisions, and how fulfilled I feel by the life I live. Second, I find that Wendy has a gift, not only for inventing scripts of things to say on various topics, but for going with me on whatever journey feels right to me. If she suggests a phrase in a session that doesn’t feel true or pertinent, I just rewire the statement or say whatever feels most true, and Wendy turns on a dime and goes in that direction with other suggestions that help me plumb my experience more productively. Thus, she’s a guide not only for what she’s learned and experienced, but even within the landscape that is uniquely my own. I’m aghast at her mastery of this technique, and deeply honored to have found tapping and her. — Andrew  Sherman, Project Manager

Wendy clearly has a natural gift in helping others, and my first session with her doing EFT proved that she was meant to have her practice, sharing these gifts with others. I had previously had a little exposure to EFT (Tapping), but it was my first session with Wendy that really showed me what an effective tool it can be, and why it is called Emotional Freedom Techniques.  Wendy's guidance and intuitiveness enabled me to address and release several big emotional blocks that have been with me for a long time, while allowing me to feel safe throughout the entire process and sometimes even have fun with her amazing ability to know when to bring in humor with her guiding statements. I am blessed and grateful to have had the chance to work with Wendy, and I am looking forward to continuing my adventure in my next session with her.  Thank you Wendy for following your talents and bliss in wanting to help others! —Heather Viau, Singer

Wendy helped me get through a really emotional, tough time in my life, the breakup of my 48-year marriage.  She has a natural ability to get to the major points in a struggle and with clarity and empathy she used Tapping to guide me through so many insights.

Insomnia, mental and emotional discomfort, anger, and despair were the things I couldn’t get beyond alone.  For over a year I read books, took online classes, played CD’s, listened to phone conferences but seemed to be stuck. It was time to get help from Wendy.

With her knowledge, kindness, intelligence, understanding and, even sense of humor, I could trust her and not hold back, not be embarrassed.  Progress was very quick then.  

Getting to forgiveness was a big deal for me because I wanted to be the person I intended to be, and not be held back by negative and now useless thoughts.  I wanted to move on with my life and feel vibrant and healthy again.  Daily I thank Wendy for being there to teach me to do Tapping with her and eventually on my own.  This work is part of my health regime now, and so many new possibilities have become reality and more await me. —F.E., Retired Teacher