What to Expect


  • You'll need to fill out an Application Form either before or when you purchase your first coaching session so that I know a few basic facts about you as well as what you want out of our work together.  I may immediately suggest that you work with someone else if I feel that I'm not your best option based on your answers. If this happens, I will refund any prepaid session fee(s).
  • Once I have your form, I'll contact you to schedule your first session, and we'll get going!
  • You can start with a free consultation if you like.  (A description of each option is available by clicking the link for that item on the Purchase page.)  You can also just dive in with a full-length session or a series!  Whatever makes sense to you.
  • You can continue to purchase sessions singularly or in discounted packages once I've accepted you as a client.  
  • I'll also send you some materials, and you can work with as many of them as you like before our first session; the more work you choose to do up front, the more we'll have to work with so we can hit the ground running together.  If you'd prefer to just show up without further prep work, that's fine too.  
  • At the beginning of each session, we'll touch base about how things are going for you and adjust as necessary to make sure you're progressing at a rate that works for you.  It's all up to youwhat we work on, how quickly, and how often.  It's your life!  I'm here to make it yours, but better!

Click onto the Life Coaching page to see a short video about the basic outline of my coaching process.